Monday, July 19, 2010

its hard to me

its really hard to me
hard hard hard
you ask me to forget everythink
and you know what ,
i cant
its too hard
when you're here ,
i feel so so happy
i don't know why
i hope its not end here
bcause im happy with you
really happy
i know you feel like you r backstabber when doing this
same goes with me
i feel like im cheating
but i cant stop
i dont want to be greedy
but its was
i dont know why
i love you
i love him
i never n doesnt ask more from you
i swear
im just want it cntinously
i know its wrong
but its about heart
you tell me evrytink
i really appreciate it
thank you for make me happy for a few days
i'll miss you

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