Thursday, July 8, 2010

SEM project

hye readers ; noon babe .hurm , today nak story about SEM project yg khngatan nye da b'mulee . my partner , ajat and i , da amek daa sume infomation about our project, entitled VOLCANO . haha , sounds simple . hurm , but ! byk lgey keje yg blowm beres beb . seyes , abstract ue act mnatang apew haa ? hahaa , know nothing doe . tp akn ku usehe kan utk finish up mnde mnde ueh . erm , barg barg nak wat model volcano un blowm blie . nak wat model volcano, lava and rising magma . wishh us cpat cpat hbes an keje keje ney auw auw . thesis da boleyh ckp hmpir hmpir complete . thanx god ;) weyy weyy , daaa dlue .

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