Saturday, July 17, 2010


hye readers ;) nyte to every human that still breath until now . congrats bcause you still can see the green of the tree , blue of the ocean n many more .
tdey pegie jalan TAR ,haha . but cm plek cket . hurm , uncle one yg drive , act , dye blom adew lesen n sedg blja mmndu , but ssuke htey jew mama suwoo dye drive , haha . not bad . hurm . dye drive smpay BTR rhen kitowg nek LRT plak smpay bndaraya . haha . ue yg plek nye . mane pena wat cam ue . drive sparoh , LRT sparoh . kah3 .mama kate , traffic jam kalw nek car . b4 ney , traffic jam okay jew . tbe tbe today lak mnde ue jdey hal . hak3 . mama mama . g jln TAR , blie sandel kat princess then have a walk around there bru go home . hurm .
esok @hari ney (18 july 2010) students of mjsc back to their sangkar or jail or wat so ever . haha .while aku n ilis akn b'seronok di rumaa lgey . hek3 . tabahkan htey kowg ye kwn kwn . haha . to all K PO yg pegie camping tomorrow , gewd luck n hatey hatey .
faris helmi , haiyoo, i don't know what to say . mnde kecik un mcm nak fight . pnat laa mcm ney . im just a very ordinary human , n of koz not all things i can paste in my mind .im just a human . hope you understand . thank you and im sorry ,
that human text me . im happy . fes , that human mcm feel guilty n wanna be like usual like everybody but tonight that human are back . im happy but feel so guilty . god ,help me .

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