Friday, September 3, 2010

zaffy my dear ;)

heyy smue ;)

noon peeps ,

hrey ney , bgn bgn tdo tringat kat adek syg , my hoystuff ZAFFY ;)

i love her damn much , n only god knows how i miss her damnly .

zaffy, if you read this ;;

thanx bgey wish mubarak .

thanx much .

ntah ble laa awk datg bilek n tarok pinky wish kt pntu loker sye .

nyway , thanx sgt .

sumpaa , i realy love you deeply .

im realy realy sory for all that i've done .

i know i hurts u a lot .

sory for all wrong words n manners ,

now i know , theres only one and it is you .

im sory bout the past ,

im sory .

i want you to know ,

i love you .

from the bottom of my heart .

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