Sunday, July 18, 2010

im cryin in the hidden place .
i don't want anybody see what am i do
i don't want they ask me 'why are you cryin '
i don't want to share it with any ppl bcoz
i know ppl will not undrstnd me .
ppl will take it easy but its to hard for me .
and ppl will label me as a bckstbber , cruel .
i don't know what to say .
its about heart .
yess , i have a byfriend
a very nice bf n i know he love me so
and i love him too
but ..
i feel like he treat me as his bzfwen .
i know he doesn't meant like that.
i know everybody have their own way in their relationshp
and that is his way .
but sometimes i can't accept it even we have together for a
long time .
i want more .
one day , someone is come to my life .
he is just a friend.
but now , i don't know wether he is just my friend or more than that .
i don't have any idea about this .
i feel so guilty to my bf .
he doesnt know anything about this .
im so cruel doing this .
im a backstabber mybe .
i know ppl will hate me if they know
what im doing .
but ..
i don't know . that someone , treat me like his love .
he said he love me and i admit too .
he know im in rlationshp .
mybe he lies to me about what he said last night .
but , mybe not .
i don't know .
boys is hard to believe .
and hard to estimate
what can i said is
im a bad , cruel girl .
im sorry .

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