Sunday, July 18, 2010

malam lagi (;

malam malam malam .

sjak 2 menjak ney , aku admit memg aku slalu besame blog .

i think i really love this indahnadyraa ;)

dye yg slalu accompany me tyme happy nor sad .

thanx blogger .

today is just today .

everybody going back to the college , while im here .

i dont want to go back to that college .

i hate rules .

seeriusly talking bout this .

hurm . i dont know whats wrong with him .

okay . he give me a call .

b*nape tarply msj petg tdey ?

* seriusly ta prasan , lgey un nadh of fon sbb nak stop msg nan TUUT .

* hmm (snyap)

*nape ney b ? slh kew ? nadh rsew nadh ta slh sbb im try ta na msj dye .

*(snyap snyap snyap )k laa , dwet da hbes . bye .

*speechless .

im totally can't undrstand .

bkan kew thats good that im try ta na msj nan dye bcoz , he is a guy .

but faris , awk ta phm . yg awk pk sye msj nan jntan . k , fine .

whatever you are think about me , i'll not refuse it bcause i know im not a good girl in ur eyes .

pew ney syg , mnde kecik un mau fight .

im tired . serius .

to someone ; im happy we like before again . sometimes , i think i love you really , but i try to deny this feel bcause i have someone that totally love me n i love him too and i know im totally just a friend in your life.a very ordinary friends .

i know you not love me , we just have some fun togther as a friends .

yess, we're friends .

i love you kawan .

i love you so much faris .

nyte everybody

love ,


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