Saturday, September 11, 2010

nadyraa annoying ,

im annoying .
yes . i am annoying and this is me , myself .
bcause im not a girls that act better and be someone else to look nice
and and good in front of guys . ouh please ! i hate it .
this is me .
please dont judge a taste of drink by its colour .
sometimes it looks beautiful and the colour will attract u to drink it but its actlly tasteless .
trust me and its true .
life going down when we hear and listen to other ppl words bout our self .
it sucks . and i ? im still try to breathing to cntinue my life as usual even its hard and hurt .
but theres sometyng dfferent inside of me .
sometyng that evryone doesnt know . and pls dont judge it if not sure what is it .
im changed . if you are not see it , just shut . it is inside of me .
all is fake and i hate it . "WHY" ?this words always in my head .
but i will not ask anyone . its just about me and myself .
and now , i undrstand what means by LIFE , LOVE , FRIENDS and everythink .
if you doesnt like me or hate me badly , thank you .
but pls dont act good to me and dont be good to me just when evrytime u ask for my help .
HYPOCRITE . i hate it . just bckoff .im stupid . silly .
i'll help guys when they ask even i know they say shit behind me .
im stupid ryte ? fuck . not anymore from now on .
its my promise to my soul .

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