Monday, September 13, 2010

paris or FARIS ? i dont care . ilovefaris;)

i can't live without you
you totally cmplete my everydayy ,
you always make me feel cmfrtable and better with your own way .
i love everything about you dear .
i love everytime you come to my table and smile with your simple style .
ouh ! i miss it .
we had faced many complicated and hard and hurt situation .
theres soo many salt and sugar with you .
it is impossible to forget you .
these all memories can't burn .
you are my heartbeat , my soul ,my love ,my air .
i need you to cntinue breath and make my life longer .
you are so special and only me can see it .

i love your inny and outty.
i love you faris helmi .

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